L R Rajakumar: Chief Operating Officer, Valeo Friction Materials India Private Limited
    Environment friendly non-asbestos clutch facings
    High performance judder free grades of clutch facings
    High-temperature resistant grades of clutch facings

    Valeo Friction Materials India Private Limited was launched in 1997 as a joint venture between the Valeo Group, France, and Anand, India to manufacture a new range of environmentally friendly clutch facings. These products use a water-based process, free from asbestos, lead, organic solvents, aramid fibre & ceramic fibre and are manufactured in compliance with European regulations.

    As leaders in dry friction products, we use G5 (Generation 5) Clean Technology for clutch facings. Our G5 clutch facings, the first “green” clutch facings, enables our customers to considerably reduce atmospheric emissions and improve working conditions. We develop generic products within each facing grade, corresponding to the same formula, all over the world.

    Valeo clutch facings provide enhanced driving comfort and longer life. The Company is a supplier to major original equipment manufacturers for the passenger car, utility vehicle, truck, tractor and three-wheeler segments in India, through leading clutch makers.

    We constantly endeavour to sustain our technological edge in the industry by ensuring the highest levels of quality and performance. Our R&D simulation testing, measurement, and analysis use highly advanced information technology tools, with a view toward fully satisfying the constantly changing requirements of the market, while offering cost-competitive solutions to our customers.