Environment friendly non-asbestos clutch facings
    High performance judder free grades of clutch facings
    High-temperature resistant grades of clutch facings

    Innovation is a key focus at Valeo, and is at the heart of all our product development initiatives. Our R&D team works in tandem with our customers to develop and propose complete systems and technological solutions. The objective is to offer high quality, green technology products that offer tangible value for motorists, providing enhanced comfort and improved safety.

    Partnering with our customers right from concept to completion

    Our R&D team maintains a close working relationship with our domestic OEM customers. The company is involved from the concept stages of new project or platforms, and contributes to the decision-making process in the selection of the most appropriate grade of clutch facings for specific applications.

    Making a significant contribution by participating in field trials of clutch facing validations

    Periodic visits by team members from the R&D headquarters in France ensure that technical expertise in the field is adequately shared with the OEMs. Valeo India’s application team also makes significant contributions by participating in field trials of clutch facings validations.

    11.1% of OE sales dedicated to R&D efforts

    With over 11.1% of OE sales dedicated to R&D efforts each year, technological innovation is at the heart of Valeo’s product development strategy in India.


    With an objective of providing the same products and performances all over the world, the formulae are developed and first industrialized in the R&D headquarters in Limoges, France. The facing grade is then industrialized in the other divisions, and approved by R&D headquarters prior to its full implementation.